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I’m working on a campaign that we can play when Paul and Jeremy don’t have content during a week. This is going to be a very different campaign than the one I ran before. I’m aiming for more role-playing, less encounters (not a dungeon crawl kind of campaign), and a fair bit of politics (at least hopefully). I have a setting and a story, but not necessarily a plot. What I mean by that is I have an overarching story, but it won’t be set up like the last campaign, where you guys storm a fortress, find a map, and then head to the next boss. For this story, I want you guys to drive the direction completely, with very little, if any, plot machinations pulling the story in any one direction. This means this campaign will need strong characters and backstories to drive it forward, so I’m going to need at least some important pieces of information before I start planning the first session. I gave a few tidbits in the group chat, but I’m afraid of giving too much away and ruining some important surprises. What I can say:

1.) The setting of the world is similar to the last campaign: a Forgotten Realms-adjace world. I’ve created a new unique world, though, so it will look very different than the last map.

2.) As the story starts, civilization has devolved and daily living needs are scarce. Food and water can be hard to come by if it is not your primary pursuit. (Think a medieval Mad Max world.) Most powerful wizards have been killed. Money has lost its usefulness and is in progress of being phased out (the economy of this world is completely busted; more on that after we actually start). As we progress through the story, money will play even less of a role in the story and magical artifacts will become even more rare as magical knowledge and lore starts to disappear from the world due to lack of knowledgeable scholars in those arts.

3.) We are going to keep track of daily expenses and food and water more than we did in the last campaign (there is a narrative reason for this; more on that later). The last campaign didn’t cause much exhaustion on you guys, but for this new campaign we are going to continually monitor your food and water intake and suffer exhaustion as applicable (I will explain more on how this will work specifically in this setting at the first session).

4.) There are seven major cities, all set around the seven temples of the previous world. All of the cities have been renamed to match the God that was worshipped at these temples.
a. Gilean – Gilean was the biggest and most prosperous city before the fall of civilization. Due to the administrators in charge, their standing soldiers, and the royalty that lived in the city, this city has fared the best since the world devolved into chaos. There are stark contrasts throughout this city, though. There is no middle class. The rich administrators that held power previously control the city, while the city is filled elsewhere with only the incredibly poor. This is the city that would have most opportunities for shopping, as this is where the tradesmen would still live (the world is still filled with leathermen, blacksmiths, cobblers, etc., but these tradesmen can’t make ends meet from their work any longer.)
b. Chislev – The clerics of this temple, for some (as of yet) unknown reason, have been able to maintain some order in the city. The majority of the city has failed to feel the effects of the breakdown of civilizations, but there are sections of the city that are certainly bad news and some of the meanest streets on the continent.
c. Reorx – Similar to Gilean, though a little less imbalance between rich and poor due to the actions of the administrator that was able to maintain order after the breakdown.
d. Shinare – Chislev of the East
e. Sirrion – Sodom and Gomorrah
f. Zivilyn – This city has collapsed after the clerics abandoned the temple for Gilean. The city has since mostly been taken over by a number of mercenary and spy groups, though one powerful force has failed to take total control of the city. It hasn’t completely fallen apart, but certainly doesn’t have any source of centralized power controlling it.
g. Lunitari – This city has been abandoned by all but the most poor. The clerics from the temple have abandoned their homes, dropping this city into utter chaos. It is filled with urchins that sleep in abandoned buildings, sewers, and the open streets. The temple has not been claimed and remains empty. The city has been abandoned because it is adjacent to the Wild Plains, a wasteland area that has been taking over by a loose army of bandits.

I need to know four main pieces of information before we start: the class you want to play, a brief backstory, where you want to start the story, and long-term goals you have. Are you a rich man in one of these cities? Are you a cleric maintaining a temple or wishing to take back a fallen temple? Are you an urchin from the agricultural areas wanting to head towards the cities, looking for work just to survive? Hopefully, none of these ideas interest you and you all come up with something else I never expected. (If you have no idea which class you want to play, I could offer some suggestions that would most help the party, but I genuinely want you guys to pick and play what you think you’re going to enjoy playing rather than picking with an eye toward fitting in with the setting/plot.) Due to the nature of this particular campaign, you can all start in different places (you don’t need to all meet each other in a tavern), but you could all start heading toward the same particular city, each with different goals, if you want to form an actual full party and not be split and splintered into several smaller groups (you guys can work that out amongst yourself however you want; I just need to know so I can start the introductory session). (If seeing the map helps, let me know and I can take a picture and send it to the group chat.)

Please feel free to throw out any questions. If this doesn’t sound like something you guys would want to play, let me know so I don’t start getting too far into preparation. I know it’s a bit different, so it may not be something that would interest everyone.
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