Post-conversion Ciel Errata / Small Rule Changes

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 31, 2014 6:04 pm    Post subject: Post-conversion Ciel Errata / Small Rule Changes Reply with quote

I'm also going to try to tag rules posts with (CIELNEWRULE) to allow for better use of the forum search function. The orange is there to make it easier to find rules while skimming through discussion.


Plane HP will be dropping to the area of 20-30. This is not a new rule, per se, but rather something of which you should be aware.

Pilots may now use their action to Defend an airship (essentially holding it). For the remainder of the turn, Defenders may roll attack against a Strafing plane's Strafe roll. If successful, the attacker must abandon their Strafing run or take normal attack damage from the Defender. Keep in mind that this Attack roll consumes your held action. Once committed to Defending, you may not alter your action later in the turn. However, if no Attack roll is made against a Strafing enemy, you may carry your Defense over into the next turn, ignoring initiative.

Airships now have damage thresholds at 50% and 10% of hull and system HP. If HP drops below these thresholds, dry-dock repair will be required to restore HP past them.

If an airship's Engineering section HP are depleted, Engineering must repair itself before any other section may be repaired.

If an airship's Gunnery section HP are depleted, Gunnery damage dice drop to 1d10. If a depleted Gunnery roll fails to beat an opponent's Damage Control, the shot is considered ineffective and deals no damage.

Depleted airship sections drop two dice. The one-die penalty for being Strafed stacks with this.

If penalties from HP depletion and Strafing drop an airship section to zero dice, no rolls may be made by that section. The exception to this is Engineering, which may use an action to repair itself to one hitpoint.

The airship penalty for taking Strafing fire begins as soon as a plane makes a Strafe roll, and continues until the end of the turn.

Planes will now use Maneuvers for initiative (with full Aerobat roll, as normal).

Airships will now roll Helm for initiative, keeping their two highest rolled dice for each action, and adding positioning to each one. E.g., Helm is 4 and Positioning is 10; get a roll result of 1, 4, 7, and 9; airship acts on initiative of 17 and 19.

Initiative will be kept throughout combat. Actions may be used to improve initiative scores by rerolling in the same manner as start of combat. A worse result need not be taken if the roll goes badly.


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