Heroes of Rokugan (Retired)

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This is the current cast of characters in no particular order. Again Alan I can't remember your character's name so if you can post it I'll update it.:

Akodo Kenji - A troubled Lion with a dark secret, found dead under mysterious circumstances. Before it could be incinerated, the body vanished and was not seen again. Rumors continue to circulate. Akodo Kenji carved a bloody swath through the Lion Clan using the Clan War as a cover, assassinating honorable or powerful samurai as the a spectre haunting the lion. He lay in wait for Akodo Toutori in Otosan Uchi and drove his blackened blade through the Lion Clan Thunder's Heart in front of the Fourth Gate of Otosan Uchi before being entombed and destroyed by a grief-maddened Usagi Kyoshi

Akodo Sanekito - A Lion Bushi who seems constantly to ride the waves of honor and dishonor within his family and clan. Though noble at heart he struggles with opposition to the Tao and searches for deeper meaning elswhere. He also has a strange fixation with social interaction as well as puzzles and games of strategy. Always ready for a game of Go and constantly plagued by the wonders of a mystical box given to him by a hermit, his mind is almost as sharp as his sword. Always ready to charge into a fight, perhaps when he should negotiate, he is a brave and courageous warrior. After living a life full of glory and honor, Akodo Sanekito committed Seppuku to lead the spirits of Toshigoku, including Akodo Arasou and Tankenka, to a peaceful rest that was disturbed by the machinations of Kitsu Goden. His name has been given it's own vassal family under the Akodo and it's numbers grew daily, until the fledgling Emperor revoked it's clan status at the same time as he abolished the Akodo house, ostensibly for the same reason. The members of the Sanekito Clan were allowed to Re-integrate with the Lion or become ronin.

Kitsu Kyoshi - This previously new-pledged member of the Sanekito family is Kitsu in origin, having briefly changed his family name before the Emperor disbanded both the Sanekito and Akodo families. He is a shugenja and has their natural ability to commune with the Kami as well as his ancestors. He is extremely powerful in the element of water and the Lion clan has great hopes for his abilities. He confronted and defeated the source of the Darkfever Plague in Phoenix Lands, fought at Twilight's Battle, and was at court in the Scorpion-controlled Imperial City during the Coup. His aid to several resistance factions within the Palce as well as his bravery in leading refugees to safety helped to precipitate the fall of the Scorpion and granted him induction into the Tsunami Legion, an elite corps of water Shugenja led by Isawa Tomo. He has recently been dispatched to the now Imperial Controlled Ryoko-Owari and recently returned from investigating the ruins of Usagi Castle, where he discovered the ghost of Usagi Ozaki's father.
Plagued by a mysterious box inherited from his ancestor Akodo Sanekito, he draws ever closer to solving it's decades-long mystery. The master of the rolling river has also added to his achievements the banishment of the Shinmushigaki after an empire-wide manhunt for Usagi Ozaki, culminating in a deal with Yasuki Taka, the Black Crane, to find a Kolat fortress and eliminate it. Certainly without his intervention an unspeakable horror would have been unleashed upon the land. The Emperor himself has issued acknowledgement of Kyoshi's contribution to the Empire. He has not emerged unscathed, however. The Shinmushigaki cursed him with a terrible fear of his spell scrolls, depriving him of his most potent spells for at least a month. He has so far managed to keep this disability secret, save for a few close samurai.
As a reward for his role in assisting Usagi Ozaki in clearing his clan's good name, Kyoshi has recently been wedded to Usagi Tomoe, Ozaki's sister, and stands in high regard with the Lion, Phoenix, and Hare. His presence will certainly be a coveted one at this year's Winter Court.
Having remained aloof and in Isolation during much of Winter Court in Kyuden Asako, rumors have begun to circulate that his spellcraft may be slipping. However the true reason is a disturbing series of events involving the puzzle box in his possession, it's contents, and a black bird. The fate of the Empire rests on his actions.
At the conclusion of winter court Kyoshi was "convinces" by Hida Samanosuke to re-join Toutori's army and march south to Beidan pass, where he desperately tried to help hold the line against the Crab/Shadowlands alliance. He succeeded in delaying the Crab forces and Toutori held the pass.
Sanekito was hand-selected by Toutori for several missions, including discovering the lost Goseki blades and fighting off a deadly sanryu-no-oni. Ultimately he was named along with Mirumoto Kaze, Dokun, Senzo, and Kumo, and Mirumoto Daini as ambassadors to the Imperial Throne on behalf of Toutori and the newly discovered Naga Race.
After the fall of Akodo Toutori, Kyoshi stepped up as the Lion Thunder because, as his ancestor had said, there was noone else. His magic allowed him to channel the soul of the First Matsu, striking Fu Leng's foul head from his shoulders even as Doji Hoturi stabbed at the kami's blackened heart.
At the conclusion of the battle, the empress spoke with Kyoshi about taking the throne, as the others would mean more war for a war-weary empire. He agreed and she commiteed Jigai.
Thus began the rule of Kyoshi I, an Emperor descended not from heaven, but from man alone. He re-instated the Scorpion Clan and pardoned the Crab for their previous actions.

Togashi Sora - A not-so-mysterious monk with crab origins, Sora climed Togashi's mountain to join the Ise zumi, an ascetic order of monks whose strange tatoos grant them special powers. Both wise and naieve, Togashi seeks enlightnement in wandering the land and helping those in need. A man of few words but great actions. He was chosen by the Oracle of Fire to succed him as the mortal representation of the Fire Dragon, and after he and his companions overcame a Shosuro plot to steal the mantle of Oracle, ascended to his rightful place. Recently he appeared before Moshi Nago and presented him with a mysterious scabbard that transported him to Kyotei Castle, on the border of Crane, Lion, and Phoenix lands, and then returned him to the lands of the Centipede.
After Moshi Nago and Yoritomo had an Altercation in the forests of the Kitsune, The Fire Oracle intervened directly, melting Yoritomo's helmet to his body and inflicting him with horrific burns. Moshi was utterly destroyed along with several miles of woodlands as the Fire Oracle bathed it in a column of fire for a full day.
During the Second Day of Thunder, Akodo Sanekito used his Kharmic Tie with Sora to summon him from the Celestial Heavens where he and the other oracles had retreated to confront the Dark Oracle of Fire who had appeared on the side of the shadowlands. Sora was victorious but at great cost.

Bayushi Yokumo - A key player in the Scorpion Clan Coup, his origins remain mysterious, however he will undoubtably play a cruical role in the strife and upheval that's sure to follow the realization of Bayushi Shoju's plans. He acted admirably in the Clan Coup, but unfortuantely for him was caught and executed by the new Emperor after Shoju's fall....Just Kidding! At the behest of his clan he took on the persona of Yoritomo Kumo until he and Shoshuro Nanashi parted ways with their fellows at Kyuden Shiba to deliver an Otomo child with precognitive abilities to Kyuden Togashi. On the way They, in a great stroke of luck and timing, managed to kill the Demon Bride of Fu Leng. He served admirably during the Second Day of Thunder and after Bayushi Kachiko's Seppuku, became daimyo of the Bayushi and Clan Champion by Imperial Decree.

Shosuro Nanashi/Moto Kyoshi/??? - Not much is known of this gruff Unicorn from the North-western corner of the Empire. He is knowledgeable and tactful and yet a fierce opponent in combat, however many of his companions may see underneath his hardened exterior and differences in custom to his loyalty and subtle use of tactful negotiation to aide both him and his allies. More than meets the eye and smarter than he seems. After the revelation of his true identity, he continued to work between the lines of right and wrong, culminating with conspiring in the recent Scorpion clan coup. Because of his complicity he was excecuted by the new emperor and his family stripped of all honors.
Of Course Nanashi was too valuable an asset to lose and he was sent to watch over Toutori's alliance as Tsuruchi Senzo, where he performed many valient deeds, and many not so valient, but all in service to the Scorpion Clan. During the Second Day of Thunder he was instrumental in opening the cities many gates and leading the Thunders into the Throne Room. For his loyal service Emperor Kyoshi I named him Imperial Advisor.

Kakita Taiga - Mocking this Crane student of Iajutsu for his crippled arm is a mistake most will only be able to make once. His skill with a sword is almost unparalleled by others of his age and has been said to rival that of the great Doji Satsume. The son of a Diamyo of the Crane, he was born into privledge but worked to get to where he is today. Bearer of one of the famous Kakita blades he seeks to become the best duelist in all of Rokugan. If only the subtlety of his words would provide counterpoint to the strength of his sword. Having made a pilgrimage to the Temple of the Fortunes to regain the use of his right arm after a trying incedent in the Tomb of Iuchiban, he has returned to the Imperial City only to be caught in the Scorpion Clan Coup, in which he sided with the Scorpion and married his erstwhile enemy, Bayushi Sozui, thereby becoming the new Emerald Champion. Sozui later killed him in the battle for the Imperial City as he was captured, sneaking into the place where he was imprisoned and sending him to his ancestors with a poisoned kiss.

Moshi Nago - A Shugenja from the Centipede Clan, he knows little of the outside world. His Matriarchal clan allows men little governance, so he wishes to seek enlightenment and power through other means, as a scholar and student of the world. He has recently been summoned to Ryoko Owari, now controlled by the Emperor after the fall of the Scorpion, and recently was instrumental in the investigation of the Castle Ruins. Having come under suspicion of Tainting and Maho use, Moshi was ordered to commit seppuku in the lands of the Fox.

Mirumoto Kaze - A lover forced to be a fighter, this kind-hearted Dragon will fight to the death for what he believes in, and yet respects human life without regard to class or position. He fights for what he believes in his heart is right and this purity of idea and singularity of purpose lend his twin swords extra power. It is rumored that he is haunted by the spirit of his anscestor, the first Mirumoto, though never confirmed. Hopefully if the spirit does watch over him it will guide him down the right path to honor.
Haunted by the spirit of Usagi Ozaki's Father, he aided in the hunt for the Hare as well as safeguarding Tenno, the Hare's Ancestral Blade , for a time until it could be returned to it's rightful owner, Ozaki himself.
Kaze is spending his Winter Court in Kyuden Kakita. En Route, he and Hida Dokun stopped in the Shinomen forest where they had a puzzling encounter with a Jakala of the Naga, who gifted them with Naga Pearls to give to their "leader" as a peace offering. Kaze and Mirumoto presented one to their hosts for the winter, Doji Hoturi and Doji Ameiko. They plan on presenting the second to the Emperor himself. Kaze is additionally attempting to forge alliances and strengthen relations between the clans.
At the end of winter court Kaze seems to have only delayed the inevitable as war starts breaking out across the empire. He joins Toutori's army and marches south at the head of his platoon of dragon warriors to confront the crab in Beidan pass. Whilst there he fulfills his promise to the dying Hitomi and confronted Hida Yakamo in single combat. Though he fought well, the dragon was struck down and the ancesteral sword of the Dragon snapped in two by Yakamo's mighty claw.
Awakening in the Imperial Palace with a new obsidian hand given to him by the Empress she forbade his seppuku and forced him to serve her goals, entering the Emerald Tournament in which he lost to Kakita Toshimoko. He fought bravely during the Crab's assault on Otosan uchi and aided his fellows in their escape. However a darkness was beginning to cloud his mind and he found it harder and harder to retain self control. He also attended the crab's winter court, his brash and extreme behavior a departure for the usually peaceful and enigmatic samurai. He spoke with Shinsei and was selected as Dragon Clan Thunder.
During the Second Day of Thunder, after Togashi's Death, Kaze plunged his obsidian hand into his chest, drawing forth his heart and the 12th black scroll. He opened the scroll, thus making Fu Leng Mortal and allowing a chance for victory, and absorbed the power of Togashi through his hand. This event traumatized him so severely he was unable to move or participate in the final battle, gathering up Togashi's Daisho at its completion and leaving the battle to find solace in the Mountains of his Home.

Isawa Tai-Ao - This power-hungry amnesic Ishi studied void magic under the Isawa. His constant blackouts and strange behavior eventually made him a liability to all who were around him. In desperation, he turned to blood magic given to him in a false vision, and was summarily transformed into a monster of void and taint that almost destroyed several promising samurai before he could be put down.

Isawa Kintaro - Brother of the ill-fated Isawa Tai-Ao, this young shugenja took a less dangerous path towards communing with the spirits than his late brother. He is extremely promising though his power is yet untested. He has not been seen for several months and rumor has it that he has become lost somewhere within the forests of the Phoenix Territory. After a sudden reappearance, Kintaro fought at Twilights Battle under Hiruma Makasu, acquiring the Shadowlands Taint and devoting his life to defending Rokugan from that which could threaten it. Even himself. He will never again leave the Kaiu Wall and serves there bravely, earning the respect of the Crab clan. Until the Crab allied with the Shadowlands, Kintaro, twisted by dark forces, began studying the way of the sword and marched against the Empire, eventually killing Shiba Toku on the Second Day of Thunder. Some say this lost samurai wanders the empire still.

Shiba Toku - Defender of the Phoenix, this Shiba Yojimbo values honor above all else. His word is his bond and he will carry out his assigned duties with all the fervor and joy anyone could ask for. His power lies in his loyalty to his Clan and the Emperor, which will be tested to the limits in the coming days. Recently he went to train with a mystical race of bird-men and had yet to return. He had been gone so long that the Shiba were considering sending an expeditionary force to the mountains of the Kenku to discover his fate.
Re-appearing after a cryptic edict from the Kenku to walk the world and aide it's people, Toku joined Toutori's forces in Beiden Pass, single-handedly defeating a Satsujinko no Oni which would have otherwise decimated Toutori's forces.

Mirumoto Kanjiro - Young and idealistic, Kanjiro is on his first trip out of Dragon lands, having been sheltered in the castle of the Mirumoto since he was born. Not yet so world weary as his travelling companions, he is currently assigned as Yojimbo to Togashi Sora, more for his protection, as he explores the world. Having lost Togashi after an extensive journey in Crab lands, he joined the Hida on the Kaiu Wall, where he was killed saving Hiruma Makasu from an Oni no Akuma. As his dying wish he entrusted Mirumoto's Daisho to the Crab commander, knowing that the twin blades would be of use on the wall, should any of his brothers follow him. They were later returned to Mirumoto Kaze.

Hida Shiroi - Nephew to the Great Bear, Hida Kisada, this Crab warrior fell in Twilight's Battle, after playing an instrumental part in preventing the madness of Hida Makasu from destroying all of Rokugan. Makasu would have opened the gates to Kyuden Kuni and let the Shadowlands overrun it, spilling out into the rest of Rokugan and spelling doom for all who dwelt within.

Hida Dokun - Crab Samurai who knows the difference between duty and friendship, and will always choose loyalty to the clan before personal relationships. His unwavering will can withstand even the greatest assault. He himself is a gigantic wall in combat and can deal the Shadowlands crushing losses, as can his massive Nemurani, a tetsubo named Strikes With Thunder.
He has travelled with illustrious companions, notably Kitsu Kyoshi, whom he encountered in Friendly Traveler Village. After putting down a riot and almost being drowned by a Tsunami, Dokun used himself as a cannonball to punch through the deck of a small boat that a Kolat conspirator was using to escape. Once interrogated the agent provided information key to Kyoshi's investigations and the Crab accompanied him to ultimately strike the final blow against the Shinmushigaki.
He was sent by Hida Kisada to the Emperor's Winter Court in Kyuden Kakita, with very specific goals to accomplish for his clan. The Crab has been visibly conflicted, though none know the exact reason. He and Hida Samanosuke have had many conversations and they both appeared agitated afterward.
Recently he has been subjugated by the courtier Doji Yuki, who may have aided in eliminating an enemy of Dokun's within his own clan. She has subsequently forced him into a Poetry Competition, for which Yoritomo taught him an incorrect form, and an intervention on her behalf with a Seppun who has been forward with her.
He trained with Hida Samanosuke and chose to become Ronin and stand against his clan with Akodo Toutori, where he fought bravely, striking down every tainted crab he could find, including facing Hida Yakamo during the Crab Assault on the imperial capital. He was in the throne room when Hida Kisada confronted the now possessed emperor and one of the first to witness Fu Leng's new, terrifying power. He was heavily tainted in the encounter and watched the 9th Kami kill Yakamo and mortally wound Hida. He escaped only barely and brought Kisada to a small house outside the capitol, eventually fleeing south to Kyuden Seppun after receiving the Jade Hand from Togashi Yokuni, purging his taint. Kisada retired from the Clan Championship, leaving Dokun to lead the Crab. He fought in Phoenix lands at the battle of Kyuden Shiba and the battle of Blackened Ground, eventually rallying the empire near the ruins of Kyuden Doji to make plans against the possessed Emperor. He served as his clan's Thunder during the Second Day of Thunder and destroyed the dark sorceror Yogo Junzo as well as the foul Battle Standard of Fu Leng, before using the Jade Hand to smash the 9th Kami's bones, saving the life of Bayushi Kachiko. For his service, Kyoshi I appointed him Emerald Champion.

Tsuruchi Senzo - A Wasp Clan Samurai who is skilled with a bow and seems to be able to dodge arrows in midair. He was dispatched to discover the reason for the haunting of Usagi castle and find the mysterious Hare Clan member, Usagi Ozaki. Recently entangled in a trial in Fox lands, he now resumes his hunt for the Hare.
His quest for Ozaki ended in success, however Tsuruchi found himself entangled in the plots of the Shinmushigaki, and proved instrumental in storming the Kolat fortress. He was nearly killed when the Shinmushigaki collapsed his left lung, and will take some time to fully recover.
Spending his convalescence at the Winter Court of Kyuden Kakita has been restful for Senzo, having rejuvenated him to his former self. The presence of a Minor Clan Samurai at this court is a great honor and Tsuruchi is mostly trying to keep his head down and stay out of trouble while feeling out allies for his clan.
Tsuruchi fought in Beidan pass against he crab, standing with Toutorii as the tainted bushi tried to force their way into the northern part of Rokugan.

Note: Secret Scorpions in Red.
Inactive Characters in Gray.
Dead Characters in Black.
Oracles in Orange.
Emperors in Yellow.

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