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PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2016 7:09 pm    Post subject: Car for Jeremy Reply with quote

It's probably a bit early, but I am looking to possibly replace my cars soon. I want to try to wait until after I know I can balance 2 jobs and my personal life, because if I can't, I really won't be able to afford a new car. I have some ideas, but I figured why not post them here and get people's feedback and maybe some suggestions that I didn't even think of.

So why not just keep the 2 cars I have already? What am I looking for? What are my thoughts so far? Great questions.

The A6 - I like it but, it is pretty high miles and I don't know that I would trust it on a longer trip. It runs well for the most part, but the transmission is still a little weird. Sometimes it won't shift unless I put it into neutral and then back into drive. If I reverse before I drive forward, especially if the temp is a bit lower, it goes immediately into limp-mode. It has a massive mystery oil leak that seems to show up in the colder weather. There are some other small things, but I'm sure I could address most of those pretty easily.

The Miata - I really like it. It looks good and has a great smile/mile rating. The problem is that I don't really drive it. The insurance isn't killing me, but now that I am making less money, does it really make sense to hold onto a car that I almost never drive and is costing me money every month when I could just trade it in towards a newer more reliable ride? I'm not sure I can.

So what am I looking for? My list of things that I want is pretty short.

1) I want something newer, with low miles. It doesn't have to be brand new, but as you will see, I am considering a brand new option or 2.
2) I would really like for the car to be under $20K, the lower the better.
3) I want something sporty. As you will see from my list, I am not considering anything under 200hp.
4) AWD would be pretty cool.
5) I understand that this is at odds a bit with number 3, but I want something with decent gas mileage if possible. You will see that I ignore this one a couple of times and am willing to ignore it for the right car.
6) I like the idea of having some room in the car for cargo and passengers, though honestly I will need it so infrequently its probably not worth eliminating anything based on this. It's been months since I had anyone in my backseat or anything in my trunk. Basically, if there is an option that is the same in every other way, this could be a deciding factor.

The list in no particular order.

1) Brand New - Ford Fiesta ST

So this car checks quite a few boxes. The Fiesta is at 197hp and has great gas mileage at 33/26. From everything I have read and watched about it, it seems like it is very fun to drive and while it isn't huge, at least it's a hatchback so I can probably jam some stuff in there. It's also not AWD which kinda sucks after getting used to the Audi. The Focus has more power (252hp) and is larger, but gas mileage is a little worse (31/22)but that's still really good. The Focus is also more expensive in general, though sometimes you can find a lightly used one for the same price or less as a new Fiesta. From what I have seen though, it doesn't seem to be as fun to drive as the Fiesta even though it may be a bit faster. My big draw here is that brand new Fiesta STs are going for, in some cases, mid to high 16s.

2) Fuck Gas Mileage - Ford Taurus SHO 2010 or newer

Just fuck it. This car is huge. Plenty of space for the whole gang the 2 times a year that I will need it. The big selling point here is 365 HP and AWD. I won't find one new, but I have found a few in the 16-18 range, usually 2010-2012 before the facelift, with 35-60K miles. It's probably comfortable as hell. My worries are the gas mileage; 25/17 (though that's pretty good considering the size and power and not far from some of the other options) and how it feels to drive. With a car that big, I wonder if it has a ton of body roll. I guess I could get police car shit for it if I wanted.

3) The German Fiesta - VW GTI/Golf R

I almost didn't include these, because they are so close to the Fiesta and WRX in my opinion, but thought maybe someone had some thoughts on them. I won't find one of these new in my price range, but if I am to believe Shamwow commercials, German stuff is just better. I'm back off AWD unless I am really patient and am willing to go slightly higher miles to get a Golf R. The GTI has all the same advantages of the Fiesta, roughtly the same power and gas mileage, roughly the same price (If I go lightly used.) The GTI seems a bit more refined but it's honestly pretty close for me between the GTI and Fiesta. The difference maker would be the Golf R. It has 56 more horsepower and AWD thought the gas mileage is almost as bad as the SHO. The problem with the Golf R is that it's hard to find in my price range. I found 2 within 200 miles that are close, but both are 80K plus miles and 2 door. I think if I am patient and haggle a bit, I may be able to find one of these guys with the right miles at the right price.

4) The Old Man Option - Lincoln MKZ 2013 or newer

In 2013 they started using a 2.0 4 cylinder that makes 240 HP that has really good gas mileage for an AWD car of that size of 31/22. It's inbetween the Taurus and the rest in size and would be a sort of compromise. I can find low mileage ones in my range as well. This one sort of checks all the boxes, but makes me ask myself if I am an old man or not. It looks pretty good (even though it's probably the ugliest of the options I have put forth) and has a ton of features as well. Too bad this isn't 2020 or so, the new MKZ is pure sex. It looks great and makes 400 hp.

5) Kyle's Choice - Subaru Impreza WRX hatchback

In my mind, this almost eliminates the Golf R. I can find the WRX cheaper and the rest of the stats are basically the same. AWD, SHO-like gas mileage, 265hp. I love the look of the hatchback and think it would be way more functional as well. The shitty thing would be that Kyle would like this choice most and fuck Kyle, right?

6) Forget Everything, Forget About Jesus Christ - BMW 135i

In the end we all die and our skeletons will eventually turn to dust. Anyone who could have possibly known about us or been told about us will rot away as well. If it was possible to stand on Earth and look up into the night sky (it won't be, the sun will eventually expand and vaporize everything we've ever known) you would notice that every other galaxy will disappear one-by-one as they accelerate away from us faster than the speed of light. Eventually even the stars in the sky will turn off until there is nothing but unforgiving blackness. So why not the 135i? It's in the right price range at an acceptable amount of miles. It checks almost none of my other boxes though. It's small and it's as bad on gas as the SHO. It's also not AWD and since it's RWD is arguably the worst option for a snowy climate. But if I am getting rid both of my cars, this is kinda like the Audi and the Miata fucked and left behind a sexy car baby. My biggest worry, obviously is how practical it would be.

So those are my initial thoughts. Any other suggestions or thoughts on these are welcome. Don't care, that's fine too.
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Marcus Brody
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 19, 2016 8:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

If I were looking within your budget/needs, I might check out an E90 328xi. It'll be slower than the 135, but far more reliable in the engine department, and you get AWD. The only thing that often tends to go wrong with them is the coolant pump (it's electric rather than belt-driven).

The 135 is probably just fine in the snow as long as you have appropriate tires...traction and stability control should both do pretty well. That almost certainly applies to the VW, too.

Other than that, I'd personally (and without having done any research) pick the Fiesta over the VW, and I don't see much difference between the Ford/Lincoln options. I think the WRX ticks the most boxes out of everything here, really.
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Buck Futter

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 2016 5:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Marcus Brody wrote:
Other than that, I'd personally (and without having done any research) pick the Fiesta over the VW, and I don't see much difference between the Ford/Lincoln options. I think the WRX ticks the most boxes out of everything here, really.

yeah, but fuck Kyle, am I right? I think the WRX is the clear choice as well, it has everything you need and want, tons of performance potential, with utility in the form of a hatchback.

His question....A Buck...apparently he put his wager first, and now his question....Futter...Buck...Futter....BUCKFUTTER!!!
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