Kerbal: Brody's Big Stupid Mission to Duna (broken hscroll)

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 05, 2015 8:29 pm    Post subject: Kerbal: Brody's Big Stupid Mission to Duna (broken hscroll) Reply with quote

I've spent the last week or so trying to pull off one big stupid mission -- fulfill several high-stakes contracts at once by sending an orbital station to Duna and dropping a rover on its moon.

This is the story of my last twelve to sixteen hours of Kerbal playtime:

I started out with some rover development, working from an old design. I finally managed to make something that doesn't like to flip over, and can right itself without taking damage when it does.

Then I made a space station, which isn't difficult so much as really heavy.

Then I had to get the bastard into space with enough fuel left to go to a whole different damned planet.

One of my first designs:

...not everything went so well.

Most of my issues came from trying to get a clean liftoff and orbit with a lot of fuel still intact for my nuclear engines.

This crazy bastard is what I ended up with:

Here we go. Observe the number of parachutes and separatron rockets in the staging on the left.

First stage complete. Dumping six rockets and three large fuel tanks. Amazingly, none of them hit each other in the air.

And dumping the rest of the large fuel containers:

...something hit something else, but I have no clue what, and I got credit for the recovery of the tanks, so...::shrug::

Here's the rest of the craft, high enough to catch some sunlight:

Deploying solar panels:

And getting myself into a stable orbit:

After that, I dumped the last of my liftoff rockets and fired up the nuclear engines, getting to work on a Kerbin exit:

I got a lucky slingshot off the moon, which saved me a little fuel:

And I'm out in sun orbit. You can see Kerbin to the right of the top solar panel:

Got myself a Duna encounter with plenty of fuel to spare:

Arriving at Duna. You can see Duna and Ike (the moon) in the distance:

Managed to come in and slingshot off Ike into a nice close orbit of the planet:

Detached the space station from the main craft:

And proceeded to Ike:

I got an encounter that would have slammed me right into Duna if I fucked it up. Luckily, I had shed most of the craft's weight by dropping the space station off:

Got an orbit, then shrunk it until I was skimming along at a few thousand meters above the mountains:

Came in low and dropped off the nuclear engines and their fuel tanks:

Touched the remaining lander down, and dropped off the rover:


Shit that went wrong:

-I probably spent at least twelve hours designing rockets that would get a stable orbit out of the first few stages. That was by far the worst part of getting there.

-On first landing, one of the stages hung me up because I had manually detached the space station, which resulted in some carnage. I just hit alt-F4 and loaded the autosave, because fuck that.

-Most of all, the rover fucking sucks. Gravity on Ike is so low that the thing just constantly spins out of control and drifts down hills. I actually have to use the SAS module in the probe core to correct angle as I drive, which makes for extremely slow, tedious travel. If I did this again, I would, without question, find a way to make the rover heavier, either by making it bigger or adding RCS jets to constantly thrust downward into it. More weight is by far the best option there, but it complicates the delivery flight. I'll probably have to drive the rover for about three hours (real life, no KSP time) to get the rover to its secondary objectives.

Moral: Test your rovers on the Mun and Minmus before you deploy them to far-off planetoids.
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