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Honesty and Justice

The truth is always simple. Liars make things complicated.

Sometimes the greatest victory is also the most precious loss.

A mighty avalanche begins with a small pebble.

It takes a wise man to see an obstacle as it truly is and not as it appears to be.

Pain is the liar's only reward

It takes a wise man to see an obstacle as if truly is and not as it appears to be.

If you have to walk, walk ; if you have to run, run. Don’t second guess yourself.

Evil spirits are the result of an impure life. Live your life with certainty and justice and you will be free of fortune's curse.

Every day of his life a man has only one judge, and that judge is himself.

Do not judge a man by the lord he serves. Judge him by his choice of enemies.

Never promise more than you can perform.

What is written is not what is, but what is written.

A friend tricks you only once.

Destiny does not believe in secrets. When something is meant to be, it is obvious to all but the foolish.

Lies came from those who deny their weaknesses. Truth lives in those who know what they are.

Polite Courtesy

The Tao teaches that those who walk a different path should be permitted to do so. We should not find fault with the path they choose simply because it is not the same as ours.

The higher you stand above modesty, the easier it becomes to lose your footing.

One must bow to aid a fallen man.

Guard you words carefully, for you own every word you speak.

Sometimes the downfall of houses hinges on a fumble of the wrist.

First we are enveloped by the womb; then we are enveloped by custom; finally we are enveloped by death.


We tell the tales of heroes to remind ourselves that we also can be great.

You need no armor, you need no sword. You need only to know that you cannot be defeated.

The worst enemy is the absence of hope.

Discomfort endured was strength gained.

Fall seven times, stand up eight.

Fear fear laughing.

Death is not to be feared so much by one who has lived wisely.

The raging force of a hurricane is nothing compared to the strength of a properly prepared spirit

If a general is wise, he knows that a single man can halt an entire army.

A man with no fear of death is a man whom death fears.

Lose your fear, and you gain the world.

When your numbers are superior you must attack without pause, but when you are outnumbered, you must choose your opportunities carefully to find advantage.

Those who fear to act have already failed.

Death cannot be avoided. Only embraced.

Courage may feed a man's soul, but it is rice that feeds his belly, and an army cannot move on courage alone.

You cannot live while hiding from life.

The courageous man doesn’t need any weapon, the smart man wants them all, the ambitious man has a plan involving the smart man

The only true test of courage is the last one.

Courage may feed a man's soul, but it is rice that feeds his belly, and an army cannot move on courage alone.

Hesitation is the seed of defeat.

When someone is prepared to face his enemy, the fight in itself is only a detail.


If something pricks thy conscience then it must be surrendered.

A man who can fly is not better than a normal bird; the man who conquers his heart is a hero.

A samurai’s armor and sword can be stolen, but you can’t steal his honor.

In simplicity, there is honor.

Those who have pure goals have the strength to never fall.

Do not try to be something, but to be someone.

Honor often left place to commodity and efficience.

Be the anvil. A blacksmith can use many hammer, but he will never use more than one anvil.

It is honorable to be accused by those who deserve to be accused.

You cannot wait for honor. You must go into the world and seek it out.

You are always blind to your truest enemy, for he is behind your eyes.

The difference between villain and hero is three feet in either direction.

A person overwhelmed still lives, a person dishonored died long before their heart ceases to beat.

Brave men may be forgotten; brave deeds never so.

Conquer oneself, and all the other opponents are as nothing.

Understand the will of heaven, and you make all things possible. Ignore it, and you will accomplish nothing.

In the strangest places, seek yourself.

The thought and the action must be as one.


Avoid aiming at the ruin of others.

Compassion breeds compassion.

Every life is precious.

We feel compassion for pain only when we are the one suffering.

A courageous man has no need to be cruel.

Petting scorpions with a compassionate hand only gets you a sting.

Be kind to the weak, the old and the ignorant. During your life, you’ll be all three.

A soldier’s greatest joy should be unneeded.

Complete Sincerity

Shinsei had said that truth could not be sought, only discovered.

One must learn to see what is to be seen and to see through what others wish you to see.

Shinsei teaches that we construct the world with our perceptions.

Humility is the greatest teacher.

True nobility comes not from being superior to another man, but from being superior to your past

The student asked, "What is truth?" Shinsei smiled. "Whatever I tell you," he replied, "will be a lie."

When drinking poison, lick the bowl

Those who ask questions will often then ask for ignorance.

Duty and Loyalty

Ill fortunes arrive only when the door has been left open for them. Good fortune knocks, and is too often turned away.

Those with pure purpose have the strength to never fail.

When you are doing one thing, be concerned with that one thing and nothing else. Distraction breeds disaster.

A stray dog only sees what it chases

The strength of an Empire does not lie in the stone of its walls, but the hearts of its people.

The path of the damned is lined with the souls of those with good intentions.

A man cannot accomplish his duty if no-one knows what is expected of him.

Those who aren’t ready to sacrifice anything will lose everything.

As there can’t be two suns in the sky, they cannot be two emperors on earth.

A man must find his place in life, or he is a wandering fool never content, never at peace, bringing discord with him wherever he goes.

To serve the Tao is to serve the Empire. The one cannot be parted from the other, no more than the sea can be parted from the land.

Even gods must bow to destiny.

While you rest, your enemy practices.

The man who strives for too much risks that which he already has.


All things are necessary - war, peace, the edge of the sword, and the sound of a poem. With understanding, all things are one.

All things are impermanent.

The end is unwritten. It’s up to us to decide it.

Wisdom can be found in many places, but you must always begin at home.

At times, the voice of peace must ring like Thunder.

Take away your enemy's foundation and you will find he is not as threatening as he once was.

Choose your allies among the enemies of your enemies. .

When the work is done, wait, wait, bide.

When your enemy is certain you cannot act, victory is within your reach

Two men can face what one man cannot face alone.

It is our nature to blind ourselves to what we wish to ignore. But the value of what is ignored is really known only when it becomes necessary.

You can only mislead your opponent using his own beliefs.

Every beginning is weaving the end and every story has a conclusion. In every cradle there is the shadow of the grave.

While others lament about what they should have done, the wise man prepares for what he should do next.

Balance in all things must be obtained.

The nail that is the longest is the first to break.

By defining the world, by giving it a name, we gain power over it. By telling our tale and writing it down, you gain power over your world. It is the strength mortal man has over even the Heavens themselves.

Do not be distracted by the pincers when it is the tail that can kill you.

A fool is a man who believes himself wise while the wise man knows that he is a fool.

As the bee collects nectar and fragrance, so let the sage dwell on earth.

What you do not understand can kill you.

Even uncertainty is not certain.

Complexity is simple. Simplicity is difficult.

Mirrors can kill progressively.

The pursuit of wisdom always has a price.

For every army who is certain of its victory, there is an enemy general who know how to makes the price too high.

The patient men and the lazy man can be dangerous weapons.

The lion like the taste of the wolf until the day he faces a pack.

There are three types of strong men looking for weapons : the bodygard, the soldier and the parent.

The hungry scorpions swarm over the battlefield; the full scorpion sleep in your boot. Which one should you fear most?

Don’t concern yourself with the next world; concern yourself with one world at a time.

If you cannot work in happiness, it is better for you to not work.

Shinsei says “My faults came from my parents; my virtues are my own. What is the logic in all that ?”

The child want to grow old fast, parents want to grow old slowly.

Only the great men pay the price of the greatness while we all reap the benefits.

What is the worth of a noble soul ?

The time for Thunder is short, this instant of strike in the middle of quiet times.

Gods created this world but men can change it. Then, men aren’t bigger than gods ?

The center is everything. Find the center. All else proceeds naturally from there.

The temple road is wisdom's golden path.

Violence always disappears, but peace last for a lifetime.

Wisdom comes from discovering the possibilities dilemmas offers.

A man looks at a kimono and ask why the stitching is so common. A weaver will ask another weaver about how the kimono has been made.

What seem to be defaults can be qualities.

When I have a voice in the Emperor’s ear, I need no general in the field.

A messenger with bad news is better than no messenger at all."

When asked the meaning of dreams, Shinsei said: “If only men put so much thought into what they see when they are awake.”

When Shinsei stood before the mountain, he asked the mountain to move instead.

'How long is a life?' the student asked the Master. " 'One breath,' was the reply.

All things are known to the man who is wise.

To appreciate beauty is the beginning of wisdom.

Keeping one’s enemies close at your hand binds theirs.

When the locusts fight each others, the bird celebrates.

The grass feels the wind, like the stone, the tree and even ourselves. But does each feel the same wind?

Everything is born, dies and is reborn.

Even a fool, when he held his tongue, may be thought wise.

See a man murdering a child. The child is you. Know what you would do next.

There is no such thing as coincidence There are only auspicious occasions.

What you call "I" is merely a door that moves when you inhale and exhale.

A wise man does not fear long knives, but knives that may only strike close.

There are subtler strategies and deadlier battlefields than even I know.

Friendship is truly tested when it is time to share the burden.

Desperate men employ desperate measures.

A clear mind can topple even the strongest will.

Simplify, simplify, always simplify.

History is a circle.

Do not be wary of men who take risks with titles and land; be wary of men with nothing to lose.

Desperate men employ desperate measures.

A wise man does not seek wisdom in the world. He finds it within himself.

A sagacious general, armed with the knowledge of his enemy, will be able to act as if he knows his enemy's every thought.

Knowing your advantages does you no good if your enemy is able to keep you from employing them.

Fortune favors the mortal man.

The softest stuff in the world penetrates quickly the hardest; Insubstantial, it enters where there is no room.

To expect surprise is the only way to avoid it.

The art of war is to put your enemy in a position that he cannot fight from.

The Tao of Shinsei is more than clever sayings and trite wisdom; the wisdom of Shinsei contains the secrets of the Universe.

When ten thousand men clash with arms and fire, it is always a single man's actions that make the difference.

Every journey begins with a single step. Step well, and your journey will be filled with fortune. Step poorly, and it will be wrought with disaster.

A handful of wealth is worth a handful of dust when compared to the; riches a samurai's family gives to him.

The truth of the world can be found sitting at the riverside, The river never begins, the river never ends. All of life is like the river, lessons never begin and lessons never end.

The road of revenge leads straight to the sun, hanging on the horizon. There are no wayside inns to give the traveler rest, there are no detours, byways or deviations. It is a long, bloody path that can only end in a grave.

Chi and the Way

“Follow your own path,” Shinsei said, “Or you will fall into the pitfalls left behind by others.”

The Tao that can be defined isn’t the Tao itself. Truth that can be named isn’t Truth

I am only the ladle and the Way is the well. When you are not thirsty, is your mind on the ladle or the well?

Every step forward is also a step backwards, and to know the future you need to understand the past. Without one, the other cannot be.

Master your chi; live in harmony. Only then will you be able to focus the power of the universe against your opponents

The dragonfly's buzz is no different from the lion's roar. All creatures have a voice with which they express the Way. So it is with us.

The strength of your opponent belongs to the universe, so it belongs to you.

Your soul--your life energy--is not bound by flesh. It can reach where your fingers cannot.

The words of the Tao are simple. Following the Tao is complex. So does the simple show the outward things, The complex reveals the soul.

The true strength of Chi is like this : quick at the start and the end, and calm in the middle.

The path cannot be only one thing, because if this was so, there wouldn’t be another path.

In order to chose to the correct path, you must know the pitfalls that await you.

It is the sound of purest harmony, the sound of the universe. Make your soul sing it songs, and you will find there is nothing you cannot accomplish.


Learn to let go, and you will find freedom within yourself.

“The world is a temple, and that we are both student and teacher.”

When the student is ready, the Teacher is there.

When seeking a teacher, first find those who know what you know; then those who know what you do not.

A master teaches. A student learns. If they were enough time in every world, no decision would ever be taken.

Only when you are in the grave will you have nothing more to learn.

A monk asked Shinsei, "What are the teachings of a lifetime?" Shinsei said to him, "An appropriate statement."

If you are certain you have learned everything there is to learn, you have failed.

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities. In the expert’s, there are few.

To master the future, one must study the past.


Study what the pine and cherry blossom can teach. Man is not the only keeper of enlightenment.

Learn to let go, and you will find freedom within yourself.

Everything in the world seems separate, but all is truly one.

We must not forget the past, but that to set aside the trappings of it is to free our spirit for growth.

Enlightenment is never found where it is sought .

If you cannot find enlightenment now, wait a hundred years. It shall be waiting for you.

Seek enlightenment, but do not be foolish enough to expect enlightenment.

A student asked his master what was the path to enlightenment. The master answered “This path can be done in three steps. The first step kills your parents. The second step kills me. The third one kills you. Are you ready to follow this path?”

Following a false light only leads you deeper into darkness.

In every breath rests the secrets of the Heavans, and with each word we stray further from Enlightenment. With silence, the World talks and we have to answer in kind.

Every day contains one thousand chances for your destiny to be changed. Choose a path, choose an ally, choose an enemy… each affects all we do and all we ever should do.

Only the face of all that is and is not can reveal the truth.

On the Elements

You cannot balance the elements while you are without balance.

The Elements are not the means to an end… they are the beginning and the end.

Winds blow, nations change, fortunes rise and fall; but the simple folk will always be asked to shoulder the weight.

As an ocean to a small stream, the leader to his people, this is the Tao to the world

You can not command the elements any more than you can command the stars in heaven. You must learn to hear the music of the celestial chorus. Once that is done, you must learn to dance.

Held in a hand you trust, it is your ally. Held in a hand you do not trust, it is your enemy. Learn the way of fire and you learn the way of the world.

The wind moves with such subtlety, you do not even notice your own breathing. Be aware. Only a fool knows the wind is empty.

Master the Way of the Earth, and you will find the virtue of the eternal mountain.

The Earth is silent and still, a sleeping giant who does not wish to be disturbed.

You cannot conquer the elements. You must learn to dance with their harmony.

Just as water washes away the stains of the earth, so does it wash the soul clean of the stains of fear.

There are no secret. There is no understanding. Void is all and nothing. It is the dance of the elements.

Water is the softest substance, but it can break stone.

The earth is resting, but its power is the strength of an indomitable will.

The way of the wind is not always subtle.

Fire is a greedy master, its power relies on speed and deception.


People argue. Nature acts.

In nature, beauty often hides a lethal danger.

Nature does not recognize good and evil.

Even in times of trouble, remember this: there is no evil in nature. What is now has been before and will be again. It is the shortsighted and foolish who believe that life has no patterns, no purposes. All that is now is part of what has been and what will come to be.

Sometimes it is wise to burn bridges before crossing them.

Nature follows the path of least resistance. The path to illumination is the path of Nature. Don’t resist it. Follow it.


Evil beginnings have evil ends.

Fu Leng wields the powers of both heaven and hell. Only those who have also mastered both purity and corruption can defeat him. Only mortals.

Any but the Thunders who stand before Fu Leng will be ground beneath the wheels of destiny.

As I said before, the Heavens allow the mortal realm to choose its fate. Those who will fight Fu-leng must be selected from among the mortals.

Is there any hope ? The goal of corruption is to corrupt.

Evil doesn’t need to have the taste of poison or honey, flour is more common that those two.

When darkness descends, a man must find allies in the shadows.

A dark heart hides numerous secrets. The darkest hearts hides the most terrible secrets.

Wherever there is light, there must be shadow.

The way of darkness always brings great power. The way of darkness always brings a great price.

Conversations with the Kami

To Togashi
Neither will I.

With Akodo
“No path is so narrow that a man must walk it alone. Be one with your brothers, and stand by them. In their strength, you will find your own.”

Akodo said to Shinsei “For this is way is not my way.”
“This is not my way, it is the way of the World.” Answered the monk.

With Shiba
When the night had ended, and Shiba showed what he had written to Shinsei, the little prophet lifted one of the pages and asked, “Do you know what this is, Shiba?” The Phoenix Kami replied, “A record of your talk.” Shinsei shook his head. “No. To you, this is only the present, a single evening’s labor to be passed on to another for transcription. But to those who will come later, this is history. Mistakes made, glories hallowed, battles won and lost… lessons learned. You cannot appreciate history, because you will live forever.”

“So much weight placed on the babbling of a simple old man.”

To Hida
“Knowing your weaknesses is strength in itself, First Crab. Search the truth in those words, and you’ll never be defeated again.” Said Shinsei.
Hida answered : “But because of my weakness, I was the first to fall.”
“No. It was your inability to accept your weakness that made you fall. But now that you know, this knowledge will allow you to turn your weakness into strength. Lies came from those who deny their weaknesses. Truth lives in those who know what they are.”

With Shiba and Hantei
“Stay your hand, mighty Shiba,” the little man laughed. It was a mirthful, sincere sound, empty of all mockery. “I do not wish you harm either, nor your brother. Not even these fine and honorable men and women here, although I do hope that they learn the lesson I offered them.”
“Perhaps it was foolish to dismiss you without offering to hear your words, little man,” the Emperor said. “What is your name, stranger?”
“I am Shinsei,” the little man answered. “I have come to offer you advice.”
“You offer the Son of Heave advice?” Shiba replied coolly. “Who are you to question his wisdom?”
Shinsei raised his eyebrows curiously and smiled. “I offer no wisdom, just advice. Wisdom springs from within.”
Shiba’s eyes widened slightly.
“As for who I am?” Shinsei continued. “I am just a man.”
“No disrespect intended, Shinsei, but why should I regard your presence as anything but arrogance? There are tens of thousands of men at my command,” the Emperor returned. “Why should I regard you differently? What can you offer that my learned scholars cannot?”
“Perspective,” Shinsei replied.
“I have little time for riddles,” Hantei said irritably.
“And that is why Fu Leng will triumph,” Shinsei said with a sad nod. “As evil has triumphed so often before. The world is more than we can see. Fu Leng understands this, and that makes him strong.”
Both Hantei and Shiba grew very silent for a moment, and the Emperor’s eyes narrowed dangerously. “What do you know of my brother?”
“I know much,” Shinsei answered. “I know that there is a balance in all things, dictated by the laws of the Celestial Order. I know the secrets of balance between the elements: air, water, fire, earth, and that which lies between. I know that your brother, the one you call Fu Leng though that is not his true name, draws his strength from the foulest realms of corruption and death. He seeks to consume all, as a rabid dog attacks everything in sight. If he is not defeated, then the mortal world shall be remade in his image for one thousand years of darkness.”
“How can he be stopped?” Shiba asked.
“By understanding the truth as he does.”
Shiba and Hantei looked at one another, then back to the little stranger. “And you would share these secrets with us? For what price?”
“My price is steep,” Shinsei said, his tone solemn. “You may be unwilling to pay it.”
“Anything,” Hantei answered. “Teach me these secrets. What is your price?”
“You must listen,” Shinsei answered. “You must open your mind to the truth that I bring you, and then comes the most difficult part. You must change.”
The Emperor gestured toward the south. “Every moment I delay, hundreds die in my name. For them, I would gladly face any difficulty. Let us parlay, little prophet. I would listen to these truths of which you speak.”
“I think I would like to hear them as well,” Shiba said, removing his hand from his sword.
Shinsei smiled.

With Hantei

Shinsei said: “What binds you?” The Emperor replied: “No one binds me—I am the Emperor.” Shinsei smiled: “A contradiction in itself.”

The Emperor said: “I have a question.” Shinsei replied: “I have an answer.” The Emperor said: “But you do not know my question.” Shinsei said: “You do not know my answer.”

The Emperor asked: “How do I find enlightenment?” Shinsei replied: “I do not know.” The Emperor persisted: “But you found it.” Shinsei replied:
“How does that mean I know how you will find it?”

“When you are gone,” asked Hantei, “where will I find wisdom such as yours?” Shinsei replied: “In rice cakes.”

One thousand years ago, Shinsei came to the Emperor in his time of darkest need. The dark brother’s army seemed endless and Hantei’s own army was exhausted and virtually beaten. Shinsei said to him, “Give me seven men of conviction, and I will give you victory.”
Hantei smirked at the wise one and said, “Go away, farmer. I have no time for foolishness now.”
Shinsei only bowed and said, “Very well. I have no interest in helping a man dig his grave,” and walked away.
The Emperor called the little man back and said, “Prove to me I should give you what you want.”
Shinsei smiled. “A man who has nothing to lose should not fear giving away all he has.”

... for the more corrupt the soul, the more painful it becomes to look upon the pure. So it is with crystal and jade and the creatures of the dark lands. Remember this, Hantei, for it will one day save your life.

“Of the 9 children of the Moon and Sun ; Doji ; Akodo, Shinjo ; Hida ; Togashi ; Bayushi ; Shiba; Fu-leng and myself …” started the Emperor.
“No.” said Shinsei.
“No?” asked my brother with a questioning look.
“The Sun and Moon had ten children, but you’ll never meet your youngest brother.”

To Doji
Whatever the destiny, it’s out of our control, Doji-sama.

To Isawa
Do you think staying neutral will protect you ?

To Otaku
We are riding toward the Crab lands, do you think you can keep up with us ?

To Bayushi
A scorpion and a frog meet on the bank of a stream and the scorpion asks the frog to carry him across on its back because the scorpion cannot swim. The frog asks, "How do I know you won't sting me?" The scorpion says, "Because I need your help, I like you ."
The frog is satisfied, and they set out, but in midstream, the scorpion stings the frog. The frog feels the onset of paralysis and starts to sink, but has just enough time to gasp "Why ?"
The scorpion replies: "but, little frog, I can swim.”

Pain is the liar's only reward, Bayushi,"

“Your face tells me something and your eyes tells me something else”

To Shinsei’s Son, about Shosuro
The choice has always been hers. Fate always offers us a choice.

Shinsei’s Final Riddle
When the great teacher, Shinsei, left the Empire, he walked for many days to the south. On the road, he met several travelers, each begging for some great secret to preserve them from the time of war to come. Shinsei refused them all, saying only, “You already know the answers. I have no more to give.”
At last, as he took the last steps of his journey, he saw an old woman sitting by the road, offering rice balls to passing travelers. He stopped to take one, and she smiled when she saw him. “Little Teacher,” she said, “I have heard you have no more answers. So, instead, I ask this: do you have any final questions for me?”
Shinsei laughed and clapped his hands at her wisdom. “l have one question, Someisa,” he said to the woman. “But if I tell you, you can never tell it to any other creature who would repeat the tale.”
“Of course, Little Teacher,” the wise Someisa said.
And so Shinsei whispered a few words into her ear, passing along his final riddle.
Someisa lived for three hundred years, but she could not stand to keep the secret. During the first hundred years, she told the trees in her garden, and they blossomed a thousandfold. She whispered her secret to the river, and it burbled with joy, and the waters ran silver.
The Emperor came to her humble hut by the river to order her to tell him Shinsei’s Riddle. She bowed to the Hantei, but before he could command her to speak, her body changed, and where she had stood rested instead a magnificent Tortoise, the wisest creature under the Heavens. The Emperor, understanding, bowed and returned to his palace of gold.
From that day forth, Tortoise has never spoken another word, but instead makes patterns on the sand, remembering the riddle that only Someisa knew.

Shinsei’s Last Hope
“No!” Shinsei said, pushing the scout away with surprising strength. “Shiba’s path is set. You have a more important task.”
The scout looked at Shinsei curiously.
“This place where we stand,” Shinsei said, pointing back at the valley where the sun now shone. “Will never fall to the Taint so long as your children protect it. Guard it well, for it is in this place that the Empire shall find its last hope.”

Shinsei and the Fly
Shinsei was walking down a path when he heard a cry for help. He tipped his wide-brimmed hat back and saw a small fly caught in a spider's web.
The fly called out to Shinsei: "Help me! Help me, oh wise one."
Shinsei asked, "Why should I help you, little one?"
"For if you do not help me," answered the fly, "the mistress of the web will drink my blood and leave my body to rot in this web!"
Shinsei shook his head. "Whose fault is it that you fell into this trap, my friend? Is it the spider's fault, or your own?"
"Will you not help me?" the fly cried.
Again, Shinsei shook his head. "If I take you from the trap, the spider will go hungry. Who am I to deprive another of such a fine, plump meal?" Then, without another word,Shinsei stood straight and continued his walk.

With A’tck the Nezumi
“I am here,” he said, though his words were in a strange, clipped language unlike that of humans. “I keep-keep my promise.”
A tall, inhuman creature stepped out from among the rocks. It resembled a large humanoid rat, though its fur was uneven and marred with countless scars. It was a Nezumi, one of the creatures that had ruled the Shadowlands before the fall of Fu Leng. “So you have,” the creature replied. “Scouts say that human farmers leave-leave rice in the fields for us.”
“I tell-tell them to do it for good luck, Chieftain A’tck,” Shinsei said, “to chase bakemono away.”

“You go to fight the dark god?” A’tck asked, his black eyes wide. Shinsei nodded. “I must.”

"All that comes out of the exhaust pipes of this porche are baby foxes."

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This is a collected work of all the writings of the Tao in L5R, collated last July.

I organized them into the 7 tenants of Bushido first, followed by miscellaneous headings and ending with Shinsei's conversations with the Kami.

These would be useful for theological characters (Kyoshi) or anyone who is contemplating playing a monk.

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